AM Labelled 41 Pattern Mae West

AM Labelled 41 Pattern Mae West

Code: 55569


An exceptionally nice and near complete example of a wartime 1941 Pattern Mae West.

The Jacket itself is in very good condition, free from notable stains and with all press fasteners undamaged and in place. The closure buttons, grab handles front and leg tapes are present and the AM stamped pull and zip work perfectly. On the inside back panel is an AM Crown marked label showing this to be a medium size. To the right side is the pocket for the flotation light.

In the breast pocket is a mint condition AM stamped Skull Cap and heliograph in similar condition along with a Morse Code Card which may be a reproduction. Both the rope lanyard and connector for the dinghy pack are in place. The ripper bag remains closed with red tack stitching and although a dye pack is clearly in place it is impossible to establish if this is an original piece or a later copy.

The stole remains supple and will inflate and clearly displays a 1944 manufacturing date with later test dates. The Nickel-plated brass inflation handle is attached to the stole and held by the correct clip, but no air bottle is attached.

Finally, all three Kapok pads are original and fitted.

Now very hard to find, especially in the condition.