USAAF A2 Jacket. US 12th Air Force

USAAF A2 Jacket. US 12th Air Force

Code: 55200


Discussed with positive enthusiasm on the US military Forum this original USAAF Jacket was once worn by a Lieutenant in the 12th Air Force which saw service in Italy during WW11.

The jacket is a small size, no bigger than 36” chest and is generally in very good condition. The leather is without splits, tears or damage and all the stitching remains firm and intact. There are however general signs of wear, actually just what we like to see with these jackets, but there is evidence that someone has applied a coloured polish with a reddish tint in places. I believe this would be fairly easy to remove but I have not touched it.

There are two flapped patch pockets each closed by a press fastener. The zip is the original Talon zip and although it is undamaged and working it is extremely difficult to close as the pull on the runner is missing. The neck is closed with the original hook and the collars lay flat with press fasteners.

Each shoulder strap shows the stitch holes where the cloth Lieutenants bars were once in place and the remains of the original leather patches remain at each shoulder, one the US Flag, the other the 12th Air Force.

Each cuff retains its elasticity but several holes have been darned. The waist band has fared much better. It has only two or three small holes and again retains its elasticity.

Inside, the lining is clean with one or two small rips and with W – 1887 stamped at the neck. According to the forum this is the first letter of the officer’s surname and the last four digits of his service number

A good original Jacket which displays very well