A U.S. 55th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade

A U.S. 55th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade "Buzz Bomb" (V-1 Flying Bo

Code: 10111


An extremely rare if not possibly a unique, "Buzz Bomb" (V-1 Flying Bomb) Badge and Certificate for participating in the destruction of a V1 on 1st December 1944 by a US Army Anti Aircraft Brigade.
The Badge is crafted in brass, the obverse with multiple pressed points defining the wings and measuring 14 mm x 56.8 mm with horizontal pinback and remains in very good condition
The Badge is accompanied by an Award Certificate (angled heading inscribed "THE BUZZ BOMB BADGE", inscribed "HEADQUARTERS 55TH ANTIAIRCRAFT ARTILLERY BRIGADE" above, the heading framed by two graphics, one of a Buzz Bomb in flight at the right, the other of a cartoon of a soldier punching a Buzz Bomb on its nose and the bomb making a face expressing pain at the left.
Inscribed "is awarded to S/Sgt. Nicholas M. Erdelack for participation in the destruction of a Diver on 1 December 1944" below, printed in black ink on an off-white paper stock, 180 mm x 240 mm.
The Certificate is in very good condition without folds or tears