Exception L.R.D.G., S.A.S and 9 Commando Collection

Exception L.R.D.G., S.A.S and 9 Commando Collection

Code: 55560


A quite exceptional collection of insignia and photographs to Ronald Haslam who served in the infantry before joining No. 9 Commando, then in North Africa with the Long Range Desert Group and S.A.S. to fight in Italy. In later life he served in the Rhodesian Army and Zambian Rifles. He  returned to his native Blackpool where he died of natural causes.

The collection comprises:

His S.A.S wings and British Parachute Qualification Wings, both in very good condition.

His Brass L.R.D.G . Cap Badge worn on his Beret. In very good condition

A scarce No. 9 Commando Shoulder Title machine embroidered in red on a black wool backing and a pair of “Tombstone” Combined Operation Printed formation signs, both in very good condition.

In addition there is a postcard sized head and shoulders studio picture of him with his S.A.S. wings, L.R.D.G shoulder slip and L.R.D.G Beret badge clearly visible, an original photograph of 1 Troop 9 Commando in tropical kit and three other photographs of him in uniform with one at a wedding again showing his S.A.S wings.  

An amazingly rare combination of Special Services insignia and photographsto one man, well worthy of further research.