Kriegsmarine Small Battle Group Sleeve Badge. 1st Grade

Kriegsmarine Small Battle Group Sleeve Badge. 1st Grade

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The third of a small number of items relating to a little known arm of the Kriegsmarine, the Small Battle Groups, or Kleinkampfverbande, is this extremely rare example of the sleeve Badge worn on the upper right arm by members of the unit.

Constructed in a machined embroidered golden thread this example features a single Sawfish surrounded by a rope on a blue circular base and was worn by those achieving the 1st Grade for some minor act of proficiency.

In excellent condition

The K-Verbande were formed in April 1944 and although better known for their use of the range of Miget submarines, the Sprengboote formed an important addition and was active against allied shipping during the Normandy landings.

Items relating to this unit are extremely rare and this and the   three other badges I have listed are all from the same long standing collection