New Zealand Made LRDG Officers Cap

New Zealand Made LRDG Officers Cap

Code: 55525


A fine example of a New Zealand made Long Range Desert Group officer’s Private Purchase Cap with another excellent example of the rare LRDG  Cap badge in bronze, this time slightly vaulted for a closer fit.

The badge is in excellent condition, free from damage and with both fixing posts and sprung pin in place.

Privately tailored by Chas. Hill & Sons Ltd., Wellington N3 in the standard officer’s Barathea, it has a nicely padded brim and leather chinstrap secured by two New Zealand Forces buttons. There is some wear to the left side of the peak and slight mothing to the top and underside of the brim.

Inside the lining is a slightly faded red silk with the diamond shaped protector still in place. The sweatband is in very good condition, the peak with a green underside.

At first, the majority of the men were from New Zealand, but they were soon joined by Southern Rhodesian and British volunteers, whereupon new sub-units were formed and the name was changed to the better-known Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). The LRDG never numbered more than 350 men, all of whom were volunteers.