German EM34 Rangefinder

German EM34 Rangefinder

Code: 55256


A particularly nice example of a German EM (entfernungsmesser) 34 1 meter Rangefinder, complete with its rare carrying case.

This type of Rangefinder was used by German machine gun, mortar and some artillery units during the Second World War. It is fitted internally with a series of prisms, beam splitters and mirrors, which divide the viewed image into two halves. When focussed into one image, the range finder provides a calculated distance or altitude to the target.

Overall condition of the Rangefinder is very good. The optics are clear and free from damage and all functions seem to work well. The carrying strap is frayed at one point and should be treated with care. Other than that there is only a small area of the Rauhlack finish missing.

All the instruction and manufacture plates are in place, the manufacture being eug (Optische Prazisionswerke GmbH.) this plate also showing the serial number 1318, 11 X magnification and the white + symbol indicating  the lubricant grease used is effective to -40 degrees centigrade. This symbol was only used between 1942 -44 and helps to date the piece. Also in place is the ocular lens cover and sprung strap.

The carrying case, or bag, is again very good with all closure straps undamaged and with the carrying strap present.