Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 Binoculars with Case

Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 Binoculars with Case

Code: 55302


Although missing their top and center armour, these Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 Binoculars are more than compensated for by their excellent optics and original case.

Although complete sets of reproduction armour are readily available, the glasses are much more useable in their present configuration, the flip up eyepiece covers on the armour making them very difficult to focus. With the rubber eyecups fitted the correct optical distance is established and focusing is simple.

Each prism cover is fitted with a desiccator cartridge to prevent moisture affecting the optics whilst the left cover is marked 7x50, beh and 457287. The raulach covering to the body is complete, without loss.

The case has faired less well. The Eagle and Swastika impressed into the lid has been highlighted in white. The strap, side loops for the strap, belt loops and leather pull on the closure strap are all replacements and the internal covers for the lens filters are torn where they have been opened without care. The lip to the case is correctly marked, beh 1943.

A perfectly useable pair of Kriegsmarine Binoculars used on all vessels, including U Boats.