Zeiss Kriegsmarine 8x60 Binoculars

Zeiss Kriegsmarine 8x60 Binoculars

Code: 56486


A rare pair of Kriegsmarine Carl Zeiss 8x60 Binoculars known affectionately by collectors as the “Tall or Slim ones”.

One of a batch of 300 ordered in June 1941 the right cover plate is marked 8x60, 2161827 and blc.

 Overall condition is near excellent, the prism covers without loss to the painted finish, the Rauhlack finish to the body  near perfect.

Optically, they are excellent. The eyepieces adjust smoothly, they are in collimation and of course there is no damage to the lenses or prisms. The reticule is present in the right ocular.

The rain or spray guard is very good, and I believe an original example. Of importance are the very rare rubber eyecups, fitted by removal of the Bakelite eyecups. Despite post war examples being available these are a pair of pre 1945 manufactured eyecups and are virtually unobtainable.

A superb pair of Kriegsmarine Binoculars which would prove difficult if not impossible to upgrade.