A Collection of Paperwork to the Greek Sacred Squadron (SAS)

A Collection of Paperwork to the Greek Sacred Squadron (SAS)

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The second in this rare collection of Greek Sacred Squadron / Regiment is this collection of paperwork to W/O Galanis Georges comprising:

His Certificate of Service signed in Cairo in June 1945 by Brigadier D.J.T Turnbull, overall commander stating he served under the Raiding Forces, perhaps a facsimile signature.

His Certificate of entitlement to wear the Greek Sacred Regiment badge.

A number of hand written and typed related pages, mostly dated 1965.

All in very good condition.  

Formed in Palestine in 1942 from Greek Officers and cadets fighting at the time in the Middle East and originally under the command of Major Antonios Stefanakis. When its new commander Col. Christodoulos Tsigantes took over he changed the role to one of a Special Forces nature and they trained at the SAS base in Cairo. Also known as "Sacred Band" and increased in size to 400 men, the unit fought with General Leclerc's Free French forces in Tunisia, the SAS in the Libyan desert, and with the SAS and SBS in the Aegean.

 In 1944 it is increased to Regiment strength and put under the command of British Raiding Forces. It is involved in combat operations with the combined SAS/SBS raiding forces on the islands of the northern Aegean sea and the Dodecanese. Notable among the many operations - July 1944 a combined Greek-British raiding force captures the German garrison on the island of Simi.

 Under Brigadier Turnbull's overall command, Lt. Col. John Neilson 'Ian' Lapraik, DSO, OBE, MC and bar, played a leading role commanding the British Special Forces (Force 142 a combined SAS/SBS force) involved. Throughout the months of 1944 and 1945 it continues in successful operations against the German garrisons on other islands. On the 7th August 1945 the unit disbands at a parade in Athens.