Denison by Bruce Wilson

Denison by Bruce Wilson

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Denison, British Airborne Specialist Clothing from WWII to the present day.

This book is the first of Military Mode Publishing's collaborative projects. The author Bruce Wilson has worked hand in hand with Military Mode and The Airborne Assault Museum to produce this highly detailed and appealing work. Not simply a book dedicated to one iconic garment but covering the history of all the British airborne smocks from the very earliest models right up until present day, lavishly illustrated with a large amount of exceptional surviving artefacts as well as some wonderful period images, some being published for the very first time.

The British Airborne Forces has always held a deep fascination for collector and military historian alike. Even someone with a passing interest will surely find elements of this work valuable. The book covers step in smocks, Denison smocks the extremely rare Windak smock, experimental items, paratrooper trousers and post war developments. The works is 204 pages, large format and hard back. 

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