Kriegsmarine Small Battle Unit Sprengboote Propaganda Leaflet

Kriegsmarine Small Battle Unit Sprengboote Propaganda Leaflet

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The first of a small number of items relating to a little known arm of the Kriegsmarine, the Small Battle Units, or Kleinkampfverbande, is this rare example of a Propaganda Pamphlet entitled Sprengboote am Feind (explosive boats on the enemy).

Edited by the Oberkommandos der Kriegsmarine the Pamphlet comprises seven pages of pictures and text and is in very good undamaged condition.

The K-Verbande were formed in April 1944 and although better known for their use of the range of Miget submarines, the Sprengboote formed an important addition and was active against allied shipping during the Normandy landings.

The Spregboote were high powered motor boats packed with explosives and operated by a single crew man who abandoned the boat at the last moment to be picked up by a rescue launch.

Items relating to this unit are extremely rare and this and the  following four badges are all from the same long standing collection.

The last three images are not shown in the leaflet and can be found on the internet.