Three Documents Relating to the British International Brigade

Three Documents Relating to the British International Brigade

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The seventh from the same collection of items relating to British Volunteers who joined the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War is this group of three documents.

The first is a leaflet printed on two sides entitled International Brigade, dependents and Wounded Aid Committee. Very good condition with just a small tear at the top. Twice folded.

The next two items are in very good once folded condition and I believe were originally included as inserts in the Memorial Booklet, a copy of which is listed as the previous item. They comprise a programme for the National Memorial Meeting at the Empress Hall in January 1939 and a printed page showing a dying soldier.

In the 1933 elections Spain swung to the right and the new government reversed many of the changes. Parties of the left united in the Popular Front and won the 1936 elections. After violent street battles between left and right in 1936, Nationalist army officers led by General Franco staged a coup to overthrow the Republican Government. They were aided by fascist Italy and Nazi Germany which supplied money, weapons, and troops. Britain refused to intervene.

International Brigades

Some 30,000 foreign volunteers, including many from Britain, went to fight in the International Brigades for the Republic.