WW11 German Artillery Horseman's Photo Album and Award Documents

WW11 German Artillery Horseman's Photo Album and Award Documents

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An excellent German WW11 Artillery Photograph Album and document  group to Erhard Grosse who served with Artillerie Regiment 60 on both western and Eastern fronts as a Horseman.

The Album has a nice photo of him wearing the Reiter Abzeichen ( Horseman’s Badge) on his Waffenrock, some nice photos of captured French tanks and surrendered French colonial troops. Some of the East Front shots shown the Krim Shield being worn. There are 45 photos showing service related scenes, I believe in Western Europe, 22 loose photos and 6 negatives, all in very good condition.

In addition, there is a Feldpost letter to Grosse from his mother, Reiterschein (horesman certificate), Reiter Abzeichen qualification book with entries showing grades achieved plus the formal Urkunde, Fahrer-Abzeichen qualification book with entries and formal Urkunde.

Reiter is for solo horseman, Fahrer is for controlling a team of horses (horse drawn equipment etc). Most of the German artillery was still horse drawn at that time

The pages to the books have detached at the spine but all are present and in good condition.

A very interesting and complete group.