1940 Dated M36 Heer Feldbluse

1940 Dated M36 Heer Feldbluse

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Always the most sought after of Tunics (Feldbluse) is the M36 used during the early stages of World War Two during the Polish campaign and invasions of the low countries and France.

Constructed in a field grey wool / rayon mix material the Tunic is closed by a single row of five pebbled button with a single closure hook at the neck. There are four patch and pleated pockets each with a flap and matching button.

Above the right breast pocket is the national eagle in BeVo weave which I take to have been re applied. A ribbon for the Iron Cross second class is in place. On the left sleeve are the rank chevrons for an Obergefreiter.

The Litzen (collar tabs) are in place with the red waffenfarbe of the artillery. On each shoulder are the slip on shoulder straps again with the red waffenfarbe and the figure 8 which I assume relates to Artillery Regiment 8, part if 8 Jager Division which did indeed see action in Poland and France before moving to the Eastern Front.

Inside, the Tunic is part lined and includes the dressings pocket. The maker’s details and depot markings are clear with a 1940 date and chest size of 96cms. About 38”.

The Tunic has clearly seen extensive service or more likely POW use with what appear to be period repairs and darns. The left cuff has two small patches whilst there are perhaps seven or eight small holes around the Tunic which have been period darned. There are some dark marks which may or may not be removed with cleaning.

Generally, a good service used Tunic, ideal for mannequin display.