German Telescopic Sight

German Telescopic Sight "Ajack"

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I believe this to be an inter war German Telescopic Sight made by the firm of AJACK.
Carrying a serial number of 14457 and the makerÂ’s name, the sight sits on its original mount marked AKAH, D.R.G.M along with other stampings.
Magnification is effected by rotating the rear optical tube whist range is compensated with a turret knob. Windage, as far as I can see, involves turning two screws on the mount to alter the angle of the sight rather than the internal blades.
The sight is 250mm in length with an optical diameter of 19mm increasing to about 20 at the viewing end.
Everything appears to function well and whilst overall condition is good, light surface rust with some pitting is evident over about 70% of the sight and mount. The optics are a little dirty but still useable.