M40 Single Decal Heer helmet

M40 Single Decal Heer helmet

Code: 55460


A completely untouched Heer Single Decal EF62 M40 Helmet with original liner and chinstrap.

The shell is without damage other than a very minor crease at the top and retains roughly 40% of the original factory field grey finish. Some surface rust is evident to the skirt on the lower left side below the decal. There is slight loss to the decal with I hope shows well in the pictures.

Inside, the skirt has the hand painted initials M.B. which partially obscure the lot number. The liner is undisturbed and is intact apart from a very small area at the brow which shows wear. The chinstrap is very good but I am unable to make out a stamp.

Never cleaned but perhaps one example that would benefit from a light wax application