Shoei MP44 replica

Shoei MP44 replica

Code: 55469


This is the first example I have examined of the amazing MP44 Replica by Shoei. Accurate to the extent of Shoei even adding realistic waffenampt stamps it is manufactured in metal with real wood stock and grips along with a leather sling again accurate in every detail.

It strips, cocks, dry fires and comes with 10 rounds with stripper clips which can be loaded into the magazine, chambered and ejected when the weapon is cocked again.

Shoei have now sold all their stock of these and have no idea when more will become available.

This example is not new but is in as new condition and remains in its original box.

An incredible engineering achievement and indiscernible from the real thing which raise the question, why pay a fortune for one deactivated to current standards?

Available for immediate dispatch to buyers within the UK only and aged 18 or over.