Single Decal M42 helmet - Battlefield Pick up

Single Decal M42 helmet - Battlefield Pick up

Code: 55461


Showing all the signs of a late battlefield pick up this M42 helmet has an undamaged shell and retains a good amount of the original factory paint along with a very good decal.

Clearly having lain upside down for some time the elements have badly affect the interior. The inside skirt has a light coating of surface rust which has obscured and sign of the maker and size stamping although in my view this is a 66 shell.

The liner band is very early and has suffered from corrosion. The chinstrap is still in place and whilst the long end is in very good condition and well 1944 dated, the buckle end has dried and lost stitching, the leather split halfway through.

The leather is in a poor state with the loss of two tongues, the remainder brittle with the stitching gone at the back.

The helmet nevertheless displays very well from the outside.