WW1 German Army Bread bag 1916 dated

WW1 German Army Bread bag 1916 dated

Code: 55403


An excellent example of the WW1 German M1887/14 grey canvas Bread Bag.

Although clearly issued, overall condition is very good. It displays both a soldier's name (Gefreiter something) and a clear marking for having been taken in by the 3rd German Army Corps in 1916. The 3rd Army Corps fought the entire war on the Western Front.

When found it still had its partner Bread Bag Strap attached to the D-Rings at the rear, the two very obviously having been issued together. The Bread Bag Strap has an identical 3rd German Army Corps marking to this and is made of identical field grey canvas. They are a perfect matching pair, not an easy thing to achieve for anyone wanting a well matched compination. The Strap can be found in a companion listing next to this one but is not included with the Bag .

The Bread Bag is complete in every sense and unlike most examples one encounters the canvas is not washed out or punctured, it consequently retains correct field grey colour.  All the leather elements are whole, undamaged, pliable, and strong it can be suitably filled and actually closed, as well as hung from a Belt without any problems for display

Adding to the appeal of course is the nice ersatz reinforcement to the left-hand belt strap supporting the Water Bottle. Normally these are a nondescript undateable leather, here it is made of a lovely wartime economy black oilskin type cloth.  All WW1 type zinc Bread Bag pattern buttons are in place.