WW1 German or Austrian Trench Club

WW1 German or Austrian Trench Club

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There can be few items more graphically illustrating the horrors of trench warfare than the dreadful Trench Clubs used by both sides.

This is first of four Trench Clubs I will be listing over the next day or so, all from one long established private collection.

Unmarked, but probably of German or Austrian manufacture it measures approximately 510mm in length (excluding the end ring) and weighs nearly 2.5 Kgs. The ball is of solid steel with about 21 spikes set into it. The ball is welded to a hollow steel tube the base of which is formed to make a grip which is whip bound with cord and perhaps sealed with shellac. A hinged ring is in place below the grip.

Overall condition is very good and naturally this item is over 100 years old