British P1888 Mk1 Type 2 Bayonet

British P1888 Mk1 Type 2 Bayonet

Code: 55388


A British Pattern 1888 Mk. 1, 2nd Type Knife Bayonet for the .303 Caliber M1888 Lee-Metford and Long Lee-Enfield Rifles.

The wood grips are secured by two large brass rivets and there is a clean-out or oil hole in the grip scales, behind the rear rivet. The Pommel has a clearance hole to accept the Lee-Metford cleaning rod and carries the serial number W1869. The release button is working well. The steel fitting show a heavy patina or light surface rust and have not been polished bright as most have.

The blade is double edged with some darkening but is free from damage or sharpening and measures approximately 304mm.

Both sides of the Ricasso show numerous stamps including the Royal Cypher of Queen Victoria with production date of 4 ’95, X bending test mark, Wilkinson inspector mark and a Birmingham RSAF repair mark along with the WD acceptance stamp.

 The leather scabbard is in very good condition with all stitching firm and intact. Both the chape and upper fitting are securely in place and have the same heavy patina or light surface rust as the Bayonet fittings.


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