German 84/98 Bayonet Unit Marked1936-37

German 84/98 Bayonet Unit Marked1936-37

Code: 55298


A good  German 84/98 Bayonet with frog and interesting unit markings.

The pommel head of the Bayonet carries the double WaA stamp of 253, repeated on the release button. This stamp was allocated the Alex Coppel and dates the bayonet to about 1936. Also clearly impressed are the markings E13014.

E was the prefix for bayonets allocates to both the Eisenbahn-Regiment (railway protection troops) and Eisenbahn-baukompagnie (railway construction troops) making this a rare find. The grips are wood and show bruises and one crack. The blade is without stamps but we have established the maker from the WaA stamps.

With a good 90% of the factory blueing remaining the blade is full length and never sharpened. There is a small circular mark on both sides of the blade about 50mm from the tip which I attribute to the retaining springs that hold it in the sheath. There is a tiny offset to the blade tip, no more that .5 of a millimeter, most likely cause by the scabbard.

The frog is very good, supple and with the rivets, retaining strap and stitching intact.

The scabbard is again good with an overall patina and slight mottling. There are three minor dents and the throat is stamped 6886. The ball tip is stamped with the post 1937 eagle suggesting the scabbard is later than the Bayonet.

A nice set with very rare unit markings.

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