Hitler Youth Transitional Dagger 1938

Hitler Youth Transitional Dagger 1938

Code: 55370


Transitional Period Hitler Youth Knife dated 1938.

Complete with its original scabbard the Knife is in overall very good condition but with wear to the blade motto and RZM marks.

The hilt is nickel plated steel with modest wear to the plating at the pommel where it has rubbed against the rivet on the hanger. The black Bakelite grip plates are held in place by brass rivets and the HJ diamond is intact and displays the fish scale red portions.

Below the crossguard quillon sits the buffer pad above the raised Ricasso. The blade is the thicker type synonymous with the knives of the transitional period and shows honest wear and darkening but no damage. Close inspection does just reveal the motto, the same being true of the RZM marks on the reverse. Just discernible is 1938 and /51 suggesting a knife produced by Anton Wenger.

The steel scabbard is without damage but with some loss to the painted finish. The hanging strap and button strap are both very good.

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