Sawback Fireman's Dress Bayonet

Sawback Fireman's Dress Bayonet

Code: 55399


A quite beautiful and very scarce Fire Dress Bayonet with plated sawback blade, scabbard, frog and portepee.

Nickel plating to the pommel hilt and crossguard remains very good whilst the undamaged 250 mm nickel plated blade is bright with just some surface dark patches. The Ricasso carries the logo of  Linnenbrugger & Ellermann, Bielefeld, a very desirable distributor of fire bayonets. Nearly all distributors' marks were just the name a location but L&E had a logo similar to a manufacturer. Their logo is also unique in that it is the only one that incorporated a Swastika. L&E was a distributor of Feuerwehr related ephemera and apparently did not sell military bayonets which makes the mark somewhat scarce. Following their line of work, they also incorporated a fire helmet into their logo. the leather buffer pad is in place

The composite black chequered grips are free from damage as is the scabbard which retains nearly all of the original black painted finish.

The brown leather scabbard is in very good condition, supple and with just modest surface wear. The portepee is also very good.

A rare and attractive Dress Bayonet