Beautiful Panzer Enlisted Man' Peaked Cap

Beautiful Panzer Enlisted Man' Peaked Cap

Code: 55974


A quite beautiful example of an enlisted man’s Panzer Peaked or Visor saddle form Cap tailored in a high quality wool by Lettel in Nikolaistraße Hannover. The Cap is in excellent condition and free from damage of any kind.

Three lines of Panzer pink piping divide the three sections of the cap. Both the eagle and cockade are in aluminium and in excellent condition. The hat band is the standard dark green felt.

The visor peak is Vulkanfibre and free from crazing or damage. Above that sits the three part black leather chinstrap, again in very good condition.

Inside, the lining is a golden coloured silk or perhaps rayon and whilst the maker’s details are clear, the diamond sweat shield is missing, often removed when they started to split.

The sweatband is very good with all stitching intact and with the red foam rubber padding in place beneath it.

Most importantly the unit acceptance stamp for a privately purchased Cap remains and whilst only partially visible I can make out 1/Pz. ?????19. I believe this perhaps may have been 1Pz.Abw.19. If so, this pre dates the Cap to April 1940 when the Panzer Abwehr became Panzer Jager.

I believe it would difficult to upgrade this lovely example.