Devonshire Regiment Slouch Hat

Devonshire Regiment Slouch Hat

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A very lightly service used example of an Indian Made Slouch Hat to the Devonshire regiment accompanied by six period photographs.

The hat is in very good condition and complete with its khaki Pagri, a Devonshire regiment cap badge sewn into place and the divisional sign of the Indian 25th Division.

Free from any sign of moth damage to the felt body and with the left brim secured in place by a Newey press fastener, the hat has three ventilation holes at each side.

Inside, the leather chinstrap is in place as is the often missing sweatband which is without markings which is typical of Indian made hats.

The 1st Battalion the Devonshire Regiment was serving in British India when the Second World War broke out, and spent the entire war in India, Ceylon and Burma. In 1942 the battalion joined the 80th Indian Infantry Brigade, attached to the 20th Indian Infantry Division and served with them until 1945 when the battalion was transferred to the British 26th Infantry Brigade. The brigade was part of the British 36th Infantry Division.