Double Decal Q64 Police M40 helmet

Double Decal Q64 Police M40 helmet

Code: 55458


A completely unmolested but well combat used Q64 Double Decal S series M40 Police Helmet.

The shell is completely without damage and retains about 40% of the original factory paint the rest of the shell having taken on a good patina.

Both decals are present but have loss associated with the wear caused by general handling rather than damage.

Inside, the rear skirt is stamped Q64 and what I believe is S2422. The liner remains intake and supple but with one mouse nibble and with two of the tongues, in my opinion, very well period replaced and sewn in place. This no doubt meant removing and replacing the lining. The drawstring is not original.

The chinstrap is a very nice undamaged 1937 dated examample