Double Erel Panzer Officer's Peaked (Visor) Cap

Double Erel Panzer Officer's Peaked (Visor) Cap

Code: 55250


A good service used example of a Double Erel “Extra” Panzer Officer’s Visor (Peaked) Cap 

Overall condition is very good. There is one moth nip to the top of the cap, too small to show in the images and the bow and stitch at the back of the sweatband are missing. In addition, the protective shield in the crown of the Cap has gone with the Erel marking now quite worn as a result, those on the sweatband remaining clear.

The doeskin to the top feels quite dusty to touch and there are sweat stains.

The green felt cap band is excellent and the three sections of the cap are divided by the pink piping of the Panzer troops.

Insignia is in aluminium and although the rosette in the cockade is not ventilated, the air shaft behind it is obvious. The full ventilated system was available at extra cost.

The vulkanfibre peak is undamaged as is the aluminum cap cord.

Inside, the golden silk lining is very good as is the sweatband but a small area of wear to the lower edge piping, where the cap contacts a surface when not in use, has revealed a small section of the piping reed.

Size is about 55cm and perfect for a male mannequin head display.