ET66 M42 Helmet With Shell Fracture

ET66 M42 Helmet With Shell Fracture

Code: 55462


A first glance an exceptionally nice example of an ET 66 M42 helmet with a lot number of 2601. Sadly, the shell, which otherwise retains a good 50% of the original factory paint has fracture damage to the left side of the crown. Immediately above the fracture is a shallow crease where something has caught it a glancing blow. The decal is in very good undamaged condition.

Inside, the skirt shows clear stampings, the liner band fits snuggly to the shell and while the leather shows little signs of use, there is evidence of what I believe to be mouse damage. There is no drawstring.

The chinstrap is in place and 1939 dated. It remains supple but with a split halfway across, 75mm down from the tip of the long end.