ET66 Single Decal Heer Helmet

ET66 Single Decal Heer Helmet

Code: 56751


An excellent and very difficult to find Heer ET M40 Helmet in the desirable size 66.

With a lot number of 4731 the helmet is in very good condition. The original factory finish shows surface marks only, entirely in keeping with age and light service use, the shell itself without damage of any kind.

The decal has toned to a golden colour and has only a small amount of loss.

Inside, the liner band is of the reinforced aluminium type, produced by the maker until 1943 and has clearly never been replaced. The liner tongues are pigskin, inspection of the lot numbers show another Helmet of the same lot also with a pigskin liner. The drawstring is in place.

Finally, the chinstrap is strong and without damage with an Rb stamp showing well. 

Overall a lovely example.