Heer Tropenhelm (Pith Helmet) First pattern

Heer Tropenhelm (Pith Helmet) First pattern

Code: 55324


A very nice, lightly service used example of a Heer Tropenhelm, sometimes referred to, incorrectly in my view, as a Pith Helmet, Pith actually being the leaves of a plant used to make very early sun helmets.

Constructed in cork covered in this case with the more desirable green cotton canvas this example is what collectors refer to as the 1940 or first pattern.

The crown is covered by six cloth segments, meeting the brim with a removable band of matching cloth. On the left side of the crown is the Heer shield, the national colours on the right

The brim is made up of two cloth segments trimmed with an olive green leather at the border. The underside of the brim is covered with the same green cotton canvas.

Inside, the leather sweatband is stamped 57 and shows little sign of use whilst the red cotton lining to the crown is a little dusty. The leather chinstrap is very good.

Overall condition is very good. There is light denting around the top of the helmet and some loss to the finish on the shields, all typical of service use.