Kriegsmarine Enlisted Man's Bordmutze (Side Cap)

Kriegsmarine Enlisted Man's Bordmutze (Side Cap)

Code: 55240


An excellent and virtually mint example of a Kriegsmarine enlisted man’s Bordmutze (side cap) in a navy blue wool / rayon mix.

Introduced in 1938 these caps have  non fold down side flaps, secured in the up by stitching at the front.

The insignia is the classic hand applied BeVo type, the eagle in a golden thread on a blue rayon backing. The cockade is machine stitched into place.

Inside, the black rayon lining shows absolutely no signs of wear and carries clear manufacture’s stamps to Franz Ritter along with a 1942 date and size 56.

Overall condition is excellent with no damage or wear.

It would be difficult to upgrade this example.