Late War Q66 Single Decal Luftwaffe M40. Unissued

Late War Q66 Single Decal Luftwaffe M40. Unissued

Code: 55373


A quite superb example of a Single Decal Q66 Luftwaffe M40 Helmet

Showing absolutely no sign of ever having been issued, the shell is free from dents and retains about 99% of the original granulated blue / grey factory paint, the only issue being an area on the crown where the Helmet has lain resulting in loss to the paint and the appearance of slight surface rust. The decal 80% complete with some loss to the Swastika and breast of the eagle.

Inside, the rim is stamped Q66 although no lot number is visible. The leather is remarkable, almost untouched and completely unmarked with the original colour. When I initially inspected this Helmet I was concerned about the thickness of the leather which seemed thinner than I would have expected. Close inspection revealed the reason. Clearly ink stamped on the underside of the leather is Mai 44, extremely rare to see and the only time I have seen it outside reference books. This is a late war Helmet, possibly the reason it was not issued and also the reason why the leather used was of a lower quality. Quist was the only maker to continue making the M40 until mid 1944

The chinstrap is no less pleasing, absolutely as new and clearly stamped with an Rf. Number.

An excellent Helmet for the discerning collector and probably one of the very last Quist M40s ever produced