Long Range Desert Group Beret and Badge

Long Range Desert Group Beret and Badge

Code: 55524


The second from the amazing LRDG and other Special Forces collection is this Beige Long Range Desert Group Beret which personifies the effects of use in the desert.

Apparently, a private purchase item the highlight is of course the original bronze LRDG Scorpion Cap badge, completely without damage and mounted on a padded rectangular patch of the same copper coloured and slightly padded, silk lining. Both mounting posts are in place as is the sprung pin.

The Beige cloth of the beret is wool with an unusual “spinning wheel” pattern of stitching. The pile has uniformly worn away except in the voided areas of the badge where it remains.  Sweat stains are apparent and the cotton or rayon black border has partially worn away. There is one small moth hole. The two ventilation grommets are missing as is the internal leather patch, removed in my view to lessen the effects of the high temperatures.

An extremely rare and iconic piece of headdress, perhaps once belonging to an officer.