Luftwaffe Single Decal M42

Luftwaffe Single Decal M42

Code: 55374


In complete contrast to the previous Helmet this Single Decal Luftwaffe M42 recently emerged from a garden shed with a number of items and has suffered the consequences to some degree.

A ckl 66 with a lot number of 2792 the shell is without dents or damage and does in fact retain a high degree of the original factory paint. Moisture has dripped on to it and resulted in surface rust streaks on the left front side. I have not attempted to clean it, but I do believe a light application of Renaissance Wax may remove it or at least improve the appearance. The decal is perhaps 90% complete and has darkened somewhat.

The main area of concern is the leather liner. Made of sheepskin these are notorious for the way in which they deteriorate, and this is a classic example. One tongue end has detached and there is considerable wear to the brow with surface wear overall. The original drawstring has been replaced by a shoestring.

Finally, the chinstrap is original but now a little stiff and the stitching at the buckle end has come apart.