Well Worn Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal NS68

Well Worn Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal NS68

Code: 55535


A well worn example of a Double Decal Luftwaffe M35 Helmet with an exceptionally large size 68 shell

The shell itself is without damage and although well worn shows the remains of the original factory colour. Both decals are heavily worn but their presence obvious.

Inside, the rim is stamped NS68 and D241 dating the Helmet to a production date of 1939. The liner band is reinforced aluminium and appears never to have been removed.

The leather tongues are without loss and are complete with their original drawstring. The leather appears to have been treated with something like the dreaded Pecards which has darkened it and attracted  a light coating of mildew which I believe could be removed.

There is no chinstrap and the helmet is perhaps best described as an entry level Double Decal Luftwaffe helmet.