Ultra Rare Special Bavarian  Pattern M1879 Reich Revolver Holster

Ultra Rare Special Bavarian  Pattern M1879 Reich Revolver Holster

Code: 55491


A near sole surviving example of the Special Bavarian Pattern of Holster for the M1879 ReichsRevolver.

This Pattern of Holster was unique to Bavarian troops, in this regard Bavaria were in fact the only State within Germany that had their own Pattern of Holster for this weapon.

The Holster is an official Bavarian State sanctioned modification of their own earlier M82 drop Holster. Whilst at first glance similar to the standard M1879 ReichsRevolver Holster there are several obvious differences to the Bavarian Pattern. Amongst other things, the angle of the edge of the closing flap slopes in the opposite direction to the Standard German Pattern, equally, the Bavarian version has no "cut out" to this flap for the Revolver’s grip. Then, the Bavarian Holster has a round plug to the barrel end whereas the Standard German Pattern has the leather simply moulded over here.

The Special Bavarian Pattern M1879 ReichsRevolver Holster was not manufactured for very long since they were derived from the M82 Holster and the weapons themselves were very soon superseded by the smaller M1883 ReichsRevolver. The Bavarian Holsters that were already made however had a very long life, with examples being used with their M1879 ReichsRevolver all the way to, and throughout, WW1. Indeed, the Holster offered here was actually captured from a Bavarian soldier in that war by a Scottish officer and miraculously surviving, kept amongst that officer's effects.

These M82 modified Bavarian ReichRevolver Holsters' short manufacturing span combined with their subsequent extremely long use is no doubt what has made them so very rare today. At present, there is only one other example of this Special Bavarian Pattern known to still exist. For further information on this and other facts please go to renown German Holster Expert Axel Zimmermann’s internet site.

The Holster is in good untouched and undamaged condition, albeit naturally well used and a little dusty. The leather and stitching is strong  with the closing strap still pliable and functioning well, as does  the buckle.

There is a faded issue mark to the inside of the closing flap though this is nearly impossible to read with only a letter “B” readily discernible.