Battledress Blouse 1943 Size 16, 39

Battledress Blouse 1943 Size 16, 39"- 40" Breast

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1943 dated US War Aid Battledress Blouse in a good size 16 ranked to a Captain.
Overall appearance is very good with close inspection showing a number of small moth nips and some hand darning to others on the right shoulder and upper back. None of these are readily noticeable and the Blouse remains very wearable.
Each epaulette carries the three 'Tria Juncta In Uno' brass pips of a captain. All buttons are present.
Inside the two labels are present, the manufacture’s label with a January 1943 date, breast size 39-40”, 6’1” – 6’2”, the QM inspector’s label with a September 1943 date