German Army Officer or NCO  Kliederkasse Trousers

German Army Officer or NCO Kliederkasse Trousers

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Purchased at a roadside sale outside Hamburg in 1980, this superb pair of WW11 period privately tailored German Army straight legged Trousers are in absolutely unworn and as new condition. How they have survived in this condition is unknown but the clue probably lies in the stamp on the waist lining to a theatrical costumier in Berlin. The costumier perhaps also applied the unauthorised turn-ups, the Trousers then remaining unused until disposed of.
Officers and certain senior NCOs could choose to purchase their uniforms from the armed forces clothing depots or to privately purchase garments of higher quality through the army Kliederkasse, (Clothing Account) system which I believe is the case here.
Tailored in a field-grey wool/rayon construction they have a four button French fly with a closure hook at the waistband along with buttons to accommodate braces. There is a tab and buckle at each side for fine adjustment of the waistband, a single back pocket and a slash pocket at each side.
It would be quite impossible to upgrade these beautifully tailored Trousers