08 Pattern British Army waist Belt - Seaforths

08 Pattern British Army waist Belt - Seaforths

Code: 55865


A very good example of the standard British Army 1908 Pattern Waist Belt, in very good undamaged condition.

Marked to B Coy, Seaforths I can find no signs of a date or size but the Belt measures 47”.

First introduced with Webb Equipment Patt. '08, the Waist Belt was 3-inches wide and came in two lengths, Small (40-inches long) and Large (48-inches long). The Belt is fastened by a double Twigg buckle at the front and is adjustable at the buckle end. There are two 2-inch web tabs attached at the rear. These tabs are angled outwards. Each tab has a 2-inch Twigg buckle at the top and a brass tip on the bottom end.

In 1909 a slight modification was made to the Belts where a Medium size was added to the inventory and eyeletted tips added on the rear tabs.

Information credit to The Karkee Web