08 Waistbelt and Holster Marked to the Machine Gun Corps

08 Waistbelt and Holster Marked to the Machine Gun Corps

Code: 55904


A very good example of a Pattern 08 Waistbelt marked to the Machine Gun Corps, complete with Open Topped leather Holster.

The Belt is size large by M.E.Co and appears to be dated 1918, the last digit unclear. A single letter appears before  MGC and this is perhaps an ”A” for the Royal Artillery which administered the Motor Machine Gun Corps or an “H” for Heavy (tanks) but the date of the Belt makes “H” unlikely.

Traces of Blanco are visible on the brass fittings but has long gone from the Belt itself. Interestingly cotton threads remain along the top edge of the Belt where they were added to stop the Holster from sliding, a common problem.

The Open Topped Holster is also in very good condition showing only the usual signs of service use. All stitching is firm and intact with the reverse stamped, T French and Sons, London 1916.

The final image is with credit to the IWM and shows men of the Motor Machine Gun Corps in 1918. Both are wearing 08 Waistbelts with Open Topped Holsters. Notice how the gunner has undone the rear hooks on the holster to allow it to lie flat.