1914 Dated German Officer's Map case

1914 Dated German Officer's Map case

Code: 55621


A rare WW1 German Officer’s Map Case in very good condition.

The Map Case was a fundamental part of any WW1 German Officer’s equipment yet are considerably more difficult to find than the PO8 Holster equivalent.

I believe this example cannot be bettered. It is totally undamaged with all the stitching strong and the leather pliable, this still retaining its early issue golden tan colour.

It is well marked, first with a Berlin maker and date for 1914, then a 7th Army Corps acceptance stamp for 1914, and lastly an issue stamp to the 7th Artillery Regiment. The 7th Artillery Regiment fought the entire war on the Western front, as in fact did the whole 7th Army Corps.

Finally, the Map Case has the original officer’s name applied to it which appears to read Lt. Hays, offering research potential given his unit.