1914 Dated saw back Butcher Bayonet

1914 Dated saw back Butcher Bayonet

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A very good example of the WW1 German S98/05 m.S. (mit Säge - with saw) Saw Back “Butcher bayonet” with it’s original steel scabbard and 1914 dated leather Frog.

The Bayonet itself is in very good condition, the blade without damage and full length at just under 36cms. The Ricasso is stamped H. Mundlos & Co. Magdeburg, no date being visible on the top edge. The Quillion, grips, flashguard and pommel are very good, the release button working well.

The scabbard is without damage with a good degree of the original finish remaining.

The leather frog is clearly dated 1914 and all stitching is intact. The leather remains supple but shows cracking above the scabbard hook and must be treated with respect.

A small percentage of German bayonets were made with a saw back and were for pioneer troops.

The saw back was phased out during the war due to negative Allied propaganda. Most had the saw back ground off and re-issued.

The sawback version of the bayonet soon became very unpopular on both sides of the frontline, therefore an order was issued in 1917 that all sawbacks be removed from service.

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