1938 Dated Air Ministry

1938 Dated Air Ministry "Scramble Bell". Larger Size

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A very good example of the so called “Scramble Bell” made famous in the wartime Pathe News film showing just such a Bell being used for that purpose.

In fact these are RAF Station Bells, perhaps being impressed into duty at satellite Airfields, this is the larger of the two sizes existing. It has a diameter of approximately 32cms and a height of 35 cms. The Air Ministry Crown and date 1938 remain clear and what makes this piece outstanding are the original hanging rings and hook which I have never encountered before.  

Cast in ferrous bronze/nickel plated 'bell metal' fitted with an inner ring which once held the now missing clapper.

Overall condition is very good. Once painted red then white and with virtually none of either paint remaining, the nickel plating remains intact on the outside.

A very heavy item at nearly 23kgs may I ask that overseas buyers contact me for an exact price for shipping.