1938 Dated  German Rural Police NCO's Shako

1938 Dated German Rural Police NCO's Shako

Code: 55738


A quite beautiful example of a Private Purchase 1936 Pattern Rural Police (Gendarmerie) NCO’s Shako.

Constructed in moulded Vulcan Fibre covered with a high quality field grey wool in the classic humped back design with both front and rear peaks in a brown lacquered peaks and a brown “coffee can” top. There is one small moth hole and  a small area of surface wear  at the back which I have shown in the images.

Both the front and rear visors are secured to the Shako by a narrow horizontal strip of mid-brown lacquered leather which is machine stitched all along the bottom edge. The circular, mid-brown lacquered Vulcan fibre, "coffee can", style top is also secured to the Shako by a row of horizontal stitching running through small, evenly spaced, puncture holes. Each side of the Shako body has two, small, screened ventilation holes situated just below the crown seam, with internal, sliding, vent closure panels permitting the forward vent to be closed.

The front centre of the Shako has a large, high relief, stamped, natural aluminium, second pattern, (Circa June 1936-May 1945), wreathed, Police eagle emblem with outstretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in it’s talons. The eagle shows nice detailing and is nicely convex to fit the contours of the Shako. The eagle and wreath are and clean and bright. The eagle is secured to the Shako by two, small, screw threaded retaining post being inserted through two small holes in the body with retaining nuts that are visible in the interior. The front centre of the Shako also has a small, stitch reinforced, horizontal slash to accommodate the national tri-colour cockade retaining wires.

The Shako has a stamped aluminium, vertically oval, national tri-colour cockade, with five, silver washed, simulated twisted rope outer edge encompassing a single, black painted, simulated twisted rope inner edge, a single silver washed, ribbed, inner trim and a red painted recessed centre piece. The reverse is stamped D.R.G.M 1938, C.T.H. Dicke, Ludenscheid. The bottom edge of the cockade has an extended wire loop to secure it to the Shako. The silver wash and black and red paints are all retained about 100% complete.

There is has a mid-brown leather chinstrap with dual,  sliding, length adjustment buckles and  retaining rings. The retaining rings are secured onto extended M1891 pattern, natural aluminium chinstrap side posts which are positioned on each side of the body.

The interior  has a nine finger, natural tan leather construction liner with ventilation perforations to the front forehead section. The leather to the liner is in excellent perhaps unissued condition.

The interior crown  has a printed manufacturer’s label with script that includes the manufacture’s name and location, "Hans Römer Neu-Ulm (Donau)", and, "Echt Fiber-Tschako", (Genuine Fibre-Shako). The manufacturer’s label also has a black size ink stamp, "54".