1939 Dated German M24 Stick Grenade

1939 Dated German M24 Stick Grenade

Code: 55841


M24 stick Hand Grenade with a sheet metal construction head and a lathed, contoured, natural hardwood handle with a magnetic sheet metal fitting to both the top and bottom ends.

 The top end of the handle has a screw threaded sheet metal fitting. The top fitting was designed to screw into the bottom of the sheet metal grenade head.

The bottom of the wooden handle has a threaded metal band to take a screw cap which in this case is missing. The remaining screw thread has some corrosion with missing thread and signs of a glue residue.

The sheet metal head retains a degree of original paint, the makers stamp and 1940 date along with a painted WaA stamp. There are no dents and no corrosion.

The wooden shaft is in very good condition with maker’s stamp matching that of the head and a 1939 date.

The Grenade is completely inert, the head empty of explosives and without a fuse, string or porcelain ball.