1940 Dated panzer Wrapper (Field jacket) by Holz & Binkowski

1940 Dated panzer Wrapper (Field jacket) by Holz & Binkowski

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An outstanding and perhaps unissued example of a 1940 dated waist length Black Panzer Wrapper (Field jacket) constructed in a black wool/rayon blend.

 The presence of Russian inventory or theatre stamps suggests this to have been one of those recovered from Russia in the 1980’s without insignia and although the breast eagle is original but re applied, all other insignia are considered to be reproduction. The Jacket itself however is guaranteed absolutely original as with everything I offer.

Double breasted with fold back lapels and a large lay down collar, the right front flap folds from right to left and is then secured by two horn buttons, the left flap then closing over it an secured by five horn buttons in normal wear but with a further two smaller buttons and a hook and eye arrangement to allow the jacket to be closed to the neck if required.

On the left breast are the loops for two awards possibly for a panzer Assault badge and a wound badge and on the right breast an original but re applied 36 pattern eagle. The reproduction shoulder straps are of the slip on variety so could easily be replaced with originals.

The sleeve cuffs each have a small, vertical, outside seam slash with dual fit adjustment buttons. The Jacket has a large lay down collar with the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to the reverse and  pointed tips. The collar has no waffenfarbe piping as per regulations of mid-1942. The collar tabs are considered to be reproduction.

To the back, the jacket is constructed in two parts with a centre seam, synonymous with wartime examples.

The interior breast panels are lined in a grey cotton/rayon  material with one open patch pocket on the right side, vertical strips running down from the armpits with strips covering the belt support hooks and with horizontal tunnel strips for the black waist adjustment tapes.

On the upper left panel are the original stores stamps with the maker’s name, Holze & Binkowski, 1940 depot date and a chest size of 94 (37”) but with an actual chest measured size on 39”. There are numerous Russian markings

A superb original example free from moth or damage of any kind but with partly reproduction insignia.