1940 RAF Mk11 British Helmet

1940 RAF Mk11 British Helmet

Code: 55995


One of my favourite Helmets from the collection I will be listing is this 1940 dated Mk11.

Originally offered by the family as having been used by a relative who served in the RAF, the Helmet carries the name Walker on the chinstrap with G.W.W. hand painted on the outside of the shell and 1206118 on the inside of the rim.

A little research revealed that G.W Walker 1206118 did indeed serve with the R.A.F. and joined at R.A.F. Cardington in 1940.

What of course makes the helmet very special is the green and brown camouflage, hand applied using most likely aircraft paint available on the airfield. What Walker did could well be determined with further research, but my best bet would have to be an airfield defence gunner.

The helmet itself is in very good condition. The camouflage has survived well. The inside rim is dated 1940,WD and H.M.H. The liner is without splits or cracks but is quite stiff whilst the fibre bands are date 1940 again and T.T.C. The size remains unseen below the crucifix pad.

A rare helmet with, I have no doubt, original period applied camouflage.