1941 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin. Size 2

1941 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin. Size 2

Code: 56426


A fine example of a 1941 dated British Army Leather Jerkin.

Interestingly, although the label makes no mention of being a camouflaged pattern, to my eye this appears to have the remains of some sort of camouflage pattern evident.

A good size 2 the Jerkin is in remarkable condition, the leather soft and completely without damage, all four large plastic front closure buttons in place.

The label is in very good condition, the details and 1941 date clear and the wool lining without damage.

The Leather Jerkin was first introduced into the British Army in late 1916 as an alternative to the greatcoat (which proved impractical when muddy and wet). It was durable and could be worn over the Field Service dress, and sometimes was seen worn over the greatcoat. It became universally popular with troops during the Second World War, and in was in much evidence with artillerymen, engineers, drivers and signallers. Indeed, it was popular with the infantry too who often wore it for added protection in colder weather.